Freight Shipping Athens, Georgia

In this university town in Northeastern Georgia, the Deployed Logistics team has knowledge of the roadways, rail network, aviation support and freight transport corridors for the assurance that decades of experience support us meeting your ground freight shipping objectives. Using advanced tools such as real-time tracking and a highly available customer care team, you have access to the information you need to know. With U.S. Highways 29, 78, 129, and 441 along with Georgia State Route 72 as some of the primary corridors and supporting roadways that our carrier partners know well, you can count on our trusted team to move, manage and distribute your most demanding freight forwarding needs. If using railway support through CSX or Athens Line or one of the many secondary surface streets, we support our carrier partners with one of the most dedicated customer satisfaction team available by email or phone to provide a strategic plan for your logistics issues and freight shipment planning.
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Athens Map